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Grace Coccagna

1 · L/DS

Celeste Walmsley


Maria Acaron

3 · MB/MH

Alexis Yost

4 · S

Tyller Williams


Kayla Tarigo

7 · OH

Katie Bryant

9 · MB/MH

Mary Huber

10 · OPP/RS

Citrine Lummer

11 · OH

Rayah Burge

13 · DS/RS

Emily Riesner

14 · MB/OH/MH

Meghan Pierle

15 · S

Dena Rovito

17 · L/DS

Brad Blumenauer


Mandy Blumenauer


Mary Huber #10·OPP/RS

Gender Female
Height 5'-9"
Approach Jump 8'-10"
Graduation year 2021
Block Jump 8'-9"

Goals for the Season

“If you want something you never had you must do something you’ve never done.” - Thomas Jefferson

We used this quote throughout my high school season and it reminds me that I have to take risks and try new things to accomplish my goals. - Mary

This season, my goals for the season include: To improve my block by pressing more, different shots (tipping, pushing etc.) and work on hiding them, as well as being a more consistent hitter on the right-side.  


Volleyball Experience


Youth Club Volleyball Since 5th Grade

CVVC- 5 years (12U-16U)

High School

Century High- 3 yrs (started off as a setter but freshman year i transitioned into a rightside hitter)  2019 Maryland State 3A Champions 

Tournament Highlights

Future Plans

I plan on majoring in biology and going on to physicians assistant school. I am undecided on the size of school and am currently open to continuing my volleyball career.