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Grace Coccagna

1 · L/DS

Celeste Walmsley


Maria Acaron

3 · MB/MH

Alexis Yost

4 · S

Tyller Williams


Kayla Tarigo

7 · OH

Katie Bryant

9 · MB/MH

Mary Huber

10 · OPP/RS

Citrine Lummer

11 · OH

Rayah Burge

13 · DS/RS

Emily Riesner

14 · MB/OH/MH

Meghan Pierle

15 · S

Dena Rovito

17 · L/DS

Brad Blumenauer


Mandy Blumenauer


Emily Riesner #14·MB/OH/MH

Gender Female
Height 5'-10"
Graduation year 2021

Goals for the Season

“Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not.” -John C. Maxwell 

By keeping a positive attitude, a growth mindset and working hard in practice, tournaments, and at home, I will improve my all around game including hitting efficiency, blocking and defense this season

Volleyball Experience


Metro North - 2 yrs (16N & 17 N Currently)

CVVC - 1 yr (15s)

High School: 

Westminster High School - 2 yr Varsity Player (MH/Utility Player)

Tournament Highlights

Future Plans

I plan to go to a 4 year college to major in nursing with a Spanish and/or sociology minor to go on to do humanitarian work in impoverished areas. I would like to play volleyball in college at a medium-sized school.