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Grace Coccagna

1 · L/DS

Celeste Walmsley


Maria Acaron

3 · MB/MH

Alexis Yost

4 · S

Tyller Williams


Kayla Tarigo

7 · OH

Katie Bryant

9 · MB/MH

Mary Huber

10 · OPP/RS

Citrine Lummer

11 · OH

Rayah Burge

13 · DS/RS

Emily Riesner

14 · MB/OH/MH

Meghan Pierle

15 · S

Dena Rovito

17 · L/DS

Brad Blumenauer


Mandy Blumenauer


Grace Coccagna #1·L/DS Metro 17 North · 2019 - 2020

Gender Female
Height 5'-4"
Approach Jump 8'-6"
Graduation year 2021
Block Jump 8'-4"

Goals for the season

My goals for this season consist of my skills but also my relationship with the team. I would like to improve on reading hitters better through the inside of the block and positioning myself the best to expect the attack. To better this I plan on working on visually seeing the hitter and their shoulders before they hit the ball. I would also like to be able to have more consistent sets with my hands to hitters. To work on this I plan on working on getting my feet planted and facing where I would like the ball to go along with completing a lot of reps against the wall or to myself with a medicine ball and/ or volleyball outside of practice. Besides my personal skills I have the goal of building one on one relationships with everyone on the team. While we have a lot of newer players I want to help make them feel welcomed and create strong friendships with each of them.

Volleyball Experience


Metro VBC of DC - 6 Years (17N Current)

16 North, 15 North, 14 North- 2yrs & 12 North

High School

Linganore High - 3 years (DS)

Tournament Highlights

Capitol Hill Classic

Tournament Highlights

Team Record: 5-2 (12-4) Finished 5th in Patriot Division/Gold Bracket


Future Plans

I definitely have the dream of playing in college, I hope I am able to find the right one for me.

I would like to go to a 4 year school, I'm undeclared on my area of study at this time.  I excel in Math and STEM fields and would enjoying majoring in something with engineering or economics.  I would like to continue my volleyball career at the DII or DIII Level, though DI would be a dream.