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Head Coach

Tiana Patterson

Tiana Patterson

Assistant Coach

Alix Grimm

Recent Metro 15 South-PW News

Hotels South Atlantic Championship-Stay to Play

By Brandie 12/01/2022, 3:00pm EST

Below is information for the South Atlantic Championship Hotels over Memorial Day Weekend.  While the tournament it's until the end of the season, hotels will book quickly.  Please be sure to use the following instructions to book your hotel for the weekend.

As a reminder, for Stay to Play tournaments you must book your hotel through the tournament housing.  Athletes are responsible for their transportation to and from the tournament as well as booking their own lodging.  

To reserve your rooms online: CLICK HERE

Using the dropdowns:

   1. Choose your desired check in date
   2. Choose the number of nights you wish to stay
   3. Choose the number of rooms you wish to reserve
   4. Click the "Book Room" Button to provide your information

Need Help? Contact Lodging at: (804) 505-3005

Hotels AAU Grand Prix Virginia Beach--BOOK BY DEC 9th

By Brandie 11/29/2022, 11:45am EST

Virginia Beach Grand Prix is a Stay to Play event.  This means you must book a hotel through the tournament housing department.  If the team does not meet the hotel requirements, the won't be permitted to participate.  Please follow the directions below to book your hotel.  

As a reminder, it is up to you to book all travel for your athlete for this tournament.  This is a mandatory tournament for your team.  If you would like to room with another parent/player on your team you may, but Metro does not book rooms for you athlete.


The LAST DAY TO RESERVE a room is Dec 9th!  


  1. Go to
  2. Choose Individual Reservation.
  3. Put in your first and last name and type your athlete's team, ie. Metro 12 North.
  4. Check in and out dates should be set for you for Friday, March 3 and out on Sunday March 5th.  The block code is JH7-T47.
  5. Choose your hotel from the list and complete the booking process. 

How to update Communication Preferences

By Brandie 11/29/2022, 11:00am EST

How to Update Communication From Organizational Notifications and Emails


Please turn on email and phone communication from Metro.  This is how your coach will be sending important information this season.  


NOTE: If you do not see your phone number or email address under these settings, your profile is not a member of a SportsEngine site.


Your account notification settings determine where and from whom you receive messages.

  1. Sign in and go to the Settings tab of your user dashboard.

  2. Click the Communications Preferences tab.

  3. Check the boxes next to your email address or phone number to start or stop receiving communication from a particular organization.

    • If you also want to stop receiving team RSVP notifications, click on your team under the SE Bar to update your notifications.

    • If you want to remove the organization from a profile, click HERE.