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Tiana Patterson

Tiana Patterson

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Alix Grimm

Recent Metro 15 South-PW News

Metro Summer Camps are Live!

By Brandie 02/16/2023, 8:45am EST

Before we announce it to the public, we wanted let our Metro Family know that 2023 Summer Camp registration is LIVE!   Plus if you register before April 1, you will receive a FREE camp t-shirt & you can take 5% off your total purchase.  Discount can only be taken at checkout.  Be sure to use SummerTake5 to receive your discount.

Camps typically sell out so be sure to register soon!

Camps are listed here as well as a link to registration,

Although we just starting our first a first tournaments, we wanted to reach out in regards to the travel tournaments for your team this season.  We have two categories below, the Mandatory and Optional tournaments that are listed on the schedule posted online back in October.  To review this information you can go to, and choose your age group.  


Mandatory Tournament:

AAU Virginia Beach Grand Prix (VABeach)  and South Atlantic Championships (SAC) have an additional travel fees to cover the cost of the coaches’ hotel and travel to and from tournaments.  The fees due for these tournaments are $98.67 for AAU VA Beach and $130.62 for South Atlantic Championships.  Please note that these are mandatory tournaments, meaning every player is required to attend these tournaments and pay their portion of the coaches’ travel expenses.  This payment is due February 10, 2023.  All payments can be made online at


AAU Membership
AAU Virginia Beach Grand Prix requires a AAU athlete membership to participate.  AAU will not accept the USAV membership.  Please complete the following steps to purchase the $14 AAU membership.  Please note if your team chooses to attend the optional AAU nationals this membership will be used for that tournament as well.

Go to AAU Youth Membership Application at

Choose Volleyball for your sport.

Choose the $14 regular membership

For your club, use the Club Code: W38EA9


Both VA Beach & SAC tournaments are Stay to Play tournaments.  This means the tournament requires that hotel accommodations are booked through the tournament's housing.  Please see the SE app under the News section for Hotel information.  You may stay at any of the hotels listed for the tournament. If your team wishes to stay in the same hotel together you may but it is not required.  If you would like to stay together you may set up a room block and have other team parents book their room from the block together.


Optional Tournament: AAU Nationals

AAU Nationals is an optional tournament for your team this season.  We have outlined information below to help your team decide if this is something you would like to participate in.  

Please be sure to read through the information below and let your coach know if you would like to attend.  This is decision is for your family to make and does not need to be discussed as a whole team.  Please individually let your coach know if you would like to or not like to attend AAU Nationals.


Girls AAU Nationals

Orlando, FL

The cost per player is estimated to be $550-$750 per player.  This cost includes gym rental and coaches stipend for June, the tournament entry fee, and the hotel, gas, food stipend, parking at hotel and tournament, rental car and flights for coaches.  This cost does NOT include hotel, food, travel to and from the tournament for you as the player.  Please know that this is a rough estimate as there are to many factors we do not know such as number of players, how many teams are going, gyms and other factors.  


Also please take a minute to review the dates of the tournament for your age group below.  Depending on when your area’s school is dismissed for summer, students may miss time at school.

AAU DatesAll 16U, 17 Aspire, 17 Classic
Check-in: June 25, 2023
Competition: June 26-29, 2023


All 11U, 12 Open, 12 Premier, All 13U, 17 Open, 17 Premier, 17 Club
Check-in: June 21, 2023
Competition: June 22-25, 2023


All 15U, 18 Club, 18 Classic
Check-in: June 17, 2023
Competition: June 18-21, 2023


10U, 12 Club, 12 Classic, All 14U, 18U Open, 18U Premier
Check-in: June 13, 2023
Competition Dates: June 14-17, 2023

In order for a team to attend AAU Nationals, you must have at least 10 players committed and non refundable deposit of $300 turned in by Feb 10st.



1. Feb 1st - Everyone on the team should give their coach a verbal commitment to attend or not attend the AAU National optional tournament.  Once we know your team is planning to attend, a link with how to pay the non refundable deposit of $300 will be sent.

2. Feb 3 - AAU Membership purchased for your athlete to attend AAU Va Beach.  Please send a copy of your receipt to your coach.  

3. Feb 10th - Mandatory Tourn fee due.  If you team commits to attend the AAU National Deposit is also due.

4.March - The remaining balance for AAU Nationals is due.  We will communicate the exact amount of this balance to your coach prior to the due date.

Capitol Hill Classic Information

By Brandie 01/10/2023, 1:30pm EST

You will find information for Capitol Hill Classic below.  Please note that these are NOT stay to play tournaments, however, the tournaments do have housing available if you choose to use it.

The tournament will require spectators to purchase tickets.  Athletes and coaches DO NOT need to purchase a ticket to enter.  


Capitol Hill Classic


February 18-20, 2023

Washington, DC


Please use the following link for information on Tournament Link:




Spectator Info:

Please find your team and your team code below to purchase tickets.


Team Name


Metro 12 North


Metro 12 East


Metro 12 Central


Metro 13 Travel


Metro 13 North


Metro 13 South PW


Metro 14 Travel


Metro 14 North


Metro 14 Central


Metro 14 East


Metro 14 South PW


Metro 14 South FX


Metro 15 Travel


Metro 15 North


Metro 15 Central


Metro 15 East


Metro 15 South PW


Metro 15 South FX


Metro 16 Travel


Metro 16 North


Metro 16 Central


Metro 16 East


Metro 16 South PW


Metro 16 South FX


Metro 17 Travel


Metro 17 North


Metro 18 Travel


Metro 18 North


Metro 18 Central


Metro 18 East


Metro 18 South PW


Metro 18 South FX