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Mandy Blumenauer

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Stacey Niehoff

Recent Metro 17 North News

AAU Info

By Brandie 04/04/2022, 9:15am EDT

Below is important information for AAU Nationals.  Please be sure to read through everything as we prepare your teams to travel in June.

AAU Membership

All athletes must get an AAU membership.  Please use the following link to purchase your athlete's AAU Membership as soon as possible.  Please let your coach know once you have completed the membership and designated Metro Volleyball Club of Washington DC as your club.  You can you use the code, W36B4E to find our club during the membership application process.

Membership Info Link
Membership Link:
Club Code: W36B4E


Tourn Website:


Tourn Dates


Check-in: June 18, 2022
Competition: June 19-22, 2022


Check-in: June 22, 2022
Competition: June 23-26, 2022


17 Club
Check-in: June 18, 2022
Competition: June 19-22, 2022



AAU is NOT a stay to play tournament, however they do have hotels they can provide at a discounted rate.  Below is the information form their hotel 
For information on discounted hotel accommodations,  please click here.  DF Meetings & Events is the hotel provider endorsed by AAU for the 2022 event.  DF Meetings & Events provides a wide variety of assistance tournament-wide, including room rate protection and protection from minimum guarantee liability to clubs/teams. We encourage clubs, teams and individuals to reserve rooms through DF Meetings & Events via the Official AAU Website to ensure your hotel is working within the framework of AAU’s best practices, including assistance with cancelation penalties in the event of last-minute illness or injury. If you are contacted by other companies offering hotel assistance, please be aware they are not endorsed by the AAU. 
For 2022 we are unable to provide discounted theme park tickets or discounted hotels through Disney. 
Orange County Convention Center Addresses:
North Concourse: 9400 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819
South Concourse: 9899 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
West Concourse: 9800 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
For help with directions, click here.  

17N Travel Tourn Information

By Brandie 01/12/2022, 6:00pm EST

Hi Parents and Players,

Although we just wrapped up our first month of practices and are gearing up for our first tournament, we wanted to reach out in regards to the travel tournaments for your team this season.  These are the tournaments that are listed on the schedule posted online back in October.  To review this information you can go to, and choose your age group.  


Irish Rumble (IR), Northeast Qualifier (NEQ),  South Atlantic Championships (SAC) and AAU/USAV Nationals have additional fees to cover the cost of the coaches’ hotel and travel to and from tournaments.  The fees due for these tournaments are $81.82 for Irish Rumble,  $144.53 for NEQ, $121.16 for South Atlantic Championships.  The final cost for AAU/Nationals will be calculated after we know which tournament you will attend.  We will collect a $300 deposit for Nationals.  This non refundable deposit for nationals will go toward the cost of  gym rental and coaches stipend for June,  the hotel, gas, food stipend, parking at hotel and tournament, rental car and flights for coaches.  This cost does NOT include hotel, food, travel to and from the tournament for you as the player.  

Please note that these are mandatory tournaments, meaning every player is required to attend these tournaments and pay their portion of the coaches’ travel expenses.  We will break down the payment for these 4 tournaments into two payments.  

Irish Rumble and Nationals deposit is due February 1, 2022.

Northeast Qualifier and South Atlantic will be due March 1, 2022.    

When you go online you will see both are available to pay if you would like to pay ahead of time.

All payments can be made online at 


IR, NEQ & SAC tournaments are Stay to Play tournaments.  This means the tournament requires that hotel accommodations are booked through the tournament's housing.  Please see the information below on how to set up your housing.  You may stay at any of the hotels listed for the tournament. If your team wishes to stay in the same hotel together you may but it is not required.  If you would like to stay together you may set up a room block and have other team parents book their room from the block together.


Stay To Play Information:

Irish Rumble: 

Room Block Reservation Link

**Click on the link or copy and paste into your Internet browser

Please book your room by 11 pm on January 18.


  • Hotel amenities and services may be adjusted to comply with guidelines related to COVID-19.
  • Rates do not include a $3  per night nonrefundable processing fee, which will  be charged to your credit card at the time of booking.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact  Thank you!

NorthEast Qualifier-  Room blocks were sent out previously.  Please let us know if you were unable to book your room in the previous block.

South Atlantic Championships: Please use the following link to find information on how to book your hotel.


AAU/USAV Nationals: Housing information will be sent out once we know which tournament you will be attending.

Add guardian to athlete's account so they can see team info

The way SE is set up is the Guardian (G1) should have the USAV Membership of the athlete on their account.  In order for another parent/guardian(G2) to be able to participate in the app, they must be invited by G1 to be a guardian.  Please see the instruction through the link below on how to add a guardian.  Once G2 accepts the invitation they will also be able to participate on the app.

For athletes who have their own SE account:
For an athlete to participate on their own account in the SE app, she too will need to be added as a guardian to themselves.  Please use the guardian instructions below to invite them.

If the athlete holds the membership under her account she will need to log in and invite guardians for her profile in order for you to be able to participate on the app.

I have had several conversations with SE regarding how they have Households set up in and what that looks like for athletes to have memberships and they are working on improving this.  It is a major change for them and will take some time to develop and test before they release it.  I will say they have done a lot since last year to fix issues and are working on them. 


To invite a guardian to your account so they can participate on the SE app for your team please use the following link.