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Head Coach 2021

Anna Huerta - 18 South Head Coach - 2021

Metro VBC Anna Huerta - 18 South Head Coach - 2021

"I'm very thankful for my experiences and growth as a Metro Volleyball Club coach. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to help athletes achieve their personal goals as a volleyball player and teammate this season."

Anna Huerta returns for her fourth year as a Metro Volleyball Club Head Coach. Anna coached girl's the 16's, 17's and 18's level for five years with American Volleyball Club and has coached the girl's 14's and 18's level with Metro Volleyball Club. In the 2018 season,  Metro South 14's fought for a goal and a silver medal in two regional tournaments. They also won the silver medal at Irish Rumble in the 14's Silver Bracket. In 2019, the Metro South 18's had a very competitive season and battled for silver in multiple tournaments. The 2020 18's South team was very competitive and won gold and silver medals before having the season cut short.

Anna is Impact, CAP I and CAP II certified with USA Volleyball. She is also a certified varsity head coach in Prince William County. Anna has a master's degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration from Concordia University. She is passionate about volleyball and about helping athletes improve. One of Anna's goals is to grow the game in the DC region and share her love of the game with young athletes. Anna strives to build well-rounded athletes that can be a part of a cohesive and competitive team. Anna has helped several athletes achieve their goals of playing collegiate volleyball at all division levels. Anna also directs and coaches volleyball camps and clinics in the Northern VA community for various age groups and organizations. 


Anna has 16 years of experience as a high school head volleyball coach. She has been leading the Forest Park High School Volleyball team as the head coach for 11 years. Anna is also a high school art teacher with 27 years of teaching experience. Anna has played volleyball for over 30 years. Anna's volleyball playing experience includes high school, division II collegiate volleyball, USAV adult play in the CHRVA Region, and league play. Anna is a graduate of Missouri Southern State University. Anna has three children that are all competitive volleyball players.